Paces Cafe

Paces is a student-run cafe that is open from Sunday-Wednesday nights on Swarthmore College's campus. As a freshman, I joined the cafe as a prep chef. I was in charge of making guacamole and salsa for the week as well as prepping vegatables and special dishes for the week. I was promoted to Kitchen Director at the end of freshman year and proceeded to revamp the menu to provide healthier and tastier options, while also canning the dishes that had one-dimensional ingredients. I worked closely with the dining staff to conduct inventory and sales analysis to further increase our profit margins and reduce waste. In the first 4 months of joining the team of directors, revenue has increased 400% and we have reached our nightly capacity of the cafe. Swarthmore College is currently looking to rennovate a space to accommodate our sudden growth. I also interviewed, hired, and trained a team of 40 students and work closely with the staff and facilitate nightly operations so that we can all have a good time as both students and employees. Below is a menu that we began the second semester with.

In 2018, I led the transformation of Paces Cafe into the Crumb Cafe. The Crumb Cafe is a student run cafe that operates 7 nights a week out of Sharples Dining Hall at Swarthmore College after their dining services end at 8pm.

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About Me

I am a computer science and cognitive science double major at Swarthmore College graduating in the Spring of 2020.
In addition, I am also fascinated by psychology, neuroscience, and nutrition. In my free time, I like to play baksetball and workout, cook, make/listen to music, and go chasing sunsets. I play many instruments, but mainly the piano and GuZheng. My favorite classical pieces include Grades etudes de Paganini by Franz Liszt, all three of Rachmaninioff's Piano Concertos, and Chopin Scherzo No.3 in C Sharp Minor, Op.39.

In computer science, I am passionate about parallel and distributed systems and machine learning applications. In cognitive science, I am fascinated by the microbiome of the gut, the psychology of language, as well as physiological psychology.

On a journey to quench my thirst for knowledge