Secure Password Manager

I built a secure password manager that runs locally on your computer through a command line interface. This password manager uses cryptographic grade random bits to generate strong, secure passwords. The passwords are copied to the clipboard for the user to use, but also stored securely in a database to be retrieved at a later instance. The user is responsible for keeping track of the master password generated on the first run of the application.

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About Me

I am a computer science and cognitive science double major at Swarthmore College graduating in the Spring of 2020.
In addition, I am also fascinated by psychology, neuroscience, and nutrition. In my free time, I like to play baksetball and workout, cook, make/listen to music, and go chasing sunsets. I play many instruments, but mainly the piano and GuZheng. My favorite classical pieces include Grades etudes de Paganini by Franz Liszt, all three of Rachmaninioff's Piano Concertos, and Chopin Scherzo No.3 in C Sharp Minor, Op.39.

In computer science, I am passionate about parallel and distributed systems and machine learning applications. In cognitive science, I am fascinated by the microbiome of the gut, the psychology of language, as well as physiological psychology.

On a journey to quench my thirst for knowledge